DO NOT copy the thesis

Choose which way to go with it

Who is the author of the thesis? YOU! There is no excuse for it. There is a hermit on the road to graduation thesis and it is you. If you are lucky, you will have your advisor who keeps an eye on you from afar with binoculars. But only if you are lucky, otherwise … uphill road, lonely and inaccessible.

But there is also good news! Being the author of a thesis gives you the right to enjoy all the forms of protection required by copyright law. To have these rights, however, your work must be characterized by originality and novelty. No copy-paste to understand!

You, as the author, have full ownership of the copyright on your work (and the full duties associated with it). Not the speaker or others you consulted for the preparation of your degree thesis.

This is why, most likely, if you submit your thesis at the university, you will be asked to sign a release form for the consultation.

If your thesis is the result of work that has involved other people or organizations, always remember to mention the sources consulted (and to ask for their authorization in writing) and not to damage the rights of other people and / or entities. Pay particular attention to this part As usual, find how you can manage with write my essay for me . A violation could cost you dearly.

Anticipated the “unpleasant” part, here you are your rights towards the work of your genius:

A- ECONOMIC-PATRIMONIAL RIGHTS (which can be transferred, which can be partly or exclusively, free of charge or for a fee and must be written):

  • right of publication
  • right of translation
  • right of communication and disclosure
  • reproduction right
  • B- MORAL RIGHTS (not transferable)
  • paternity right of the work
  • right of integrity of the work
  • right to withdraw the work from the trade
  • Your first and far-sighted goal must remain to preserve as many rights as possible for your work (to be able to use it without too many constraints and to your liking). If you are offered the publication or if you request it, always pay particular attention to the conditions contracted by the potential publisher.

That being said, there you are in front of your beautiful diploma (if at the university they don’t make you wait years before delivering you the coveted parchment), with your thesis under your arm, your eyes sparkling after you have recovered from your crazy graduation party .

You and your degree thesis have 3 roads in front of you:

  • VIA DEL RIPOSO (and OBLIGATION). For you long and lazy you sleep on the sofa and for your thesis a nice “dust ride” crammed into the grandmother’s bookshop. From there … you won’t go far. You will drag yourself to the first accessible job and you (perhaps from some “daddy’s friend” who hires you part-time because he owed your father a favor), your very sweaty thesis, will wait to have yellowed pages and fight against mold. Maybe one day your grandchildren will find it and between admiration and amazement they will exclaim: “But did Grandpa graduate?”
  • VIA DELL AVVENTURA. For you backpack ready the day after the discussion of the thesis and for your thesis a flood of compliments and a very fortunate proposal for publication by some niche publisher or some sector internet site (you will not have thought of some great publishing house if your thesis is about the survival strategies of the Turkestan salamander, right ???). Watch out for the sharks that are always lurking but surely you will not get bored and always better than leaving your thesis abandoned in the box under your bed! We will give you some “publication survival” advice in the coming days
  • VIA DEL DURO LAVORO. For you, with the proclamation, the era of door-to-door curricula, endless job interviews and nights in the laboratory began to conclude a new project with the professor. For your thesis, after an initial dusting, here comes a chance to insert a small excerpt in an article about a very precious scientific magazine. Here is the bandaged goddess (and the fruit of your night work). But not simple: start the battle to make your name appear at the bottom of a list of 30 illustrious professors, find someone who makes a decent and decent translation of the 3 lines they will take from your precious tome…. in short, the beauty begins (and you thought you were entitled to at least 3 days of post-graduate rest!).
  • Talk about it with your degree thesis, consider what to do and decide together which way to go. Good walk! And in the coming days for other articles on copyright, copyright, thesis and surroundings.

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